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Welcome to my OBLAK Publishing!

We are a small regional publishing house focused on families with children. Our locally-themed coloring books and literature will assist you in exploring holiday destinations and mandatory reading alike. Additionally, our coloring postcards will double the joy for anyone who retrieves them from their mailbox.

Blanka Kučerová, Owner and Ideamaker

Vydavatelství OBLAK (OBLAK Publishing) proudly won the regional round of the MONETA Entrepreneur of the Year competition in the autumn of 2023. While we advanced to the national finals, we unfortunately did not secure a victory. Nonetheless, we are grateful that you journey with us across the Czech Republic, immersing yourself in Czech literature and exploring our beautiful country.
Thank you for being a part of our journey and for making learning a playful experience with us!

Team with experiences

Our coloring books are created by parents who have a desire to explore the world with their own and your children in a unique way.


Are you planning a vacation, an extended weekend, or a trip to the Krkonoše Mountains, Jizera Mountains, Czech Paradise, Prague, Middle or South Bohemia?

Learning through play

Open your notebook, plan a walk, read the profile, examine the terrain, and enjoy coloring at home in peace.



Mailing Adress

Vydavatelství OBLAK
Blanka Kučerová
Věnceslava Metelky 67
512 11  Vysoké nad Jizerou, Czech republic


Call us:

+420 605 458 984